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 This site is still under construction. It is to direct visitors searching for the former Church.


When the great factory-plants of our cities

Have turned-out their last finished works,

When our merchants have sold their last products,

And sent home the last of the Clerks;

When our banks have transacted their business,

And paid out the last dividend;

When the Judge of the Earth calls a reckoning,

And asks for a balance -WHAT THEN?

When the Church choir has sung its last anthem,

And the preacher has made his last prayer;

When the people have heard their last sermon,

And the sound has died out on the air;

When the Bible lies closed on the pulpit,

And the pews are all empty of men,

When each one stands facing his record,

And the Great Book is opened - WHAT THEN?

When the actors have played their last drama.

And the mimic has made his last fun,

When the film has flashed its last picture,

And the billboard displayed its last run;

When the crowds seeking pleasure have vanished,

And gone out in the darkness again,

When the trumpet of ages is sounded,

And we all stand before Him - WHAT THEN?

When the bugle-call sinks into silence,

And the long marching columns stand still;

When the captain repeats his last orders,

And they've captured the last fort and hill;

When the flag has been hauled from the mast-head,

And peace seems to reign among men,

When those who rejected the Saviour

Are asked for a reason - WHAT THEN?


Life’s most important question

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Formerly, this web address was that of Abeymead Evangelical Church. The Church has relocated to COOPERS EDGE BROCKWORTH,  GLOUCESTERSHIRE, and is now named Coopers Edge Baptist Church.